Professional Clothing Alterations Sydney

There are plenty of reasons why you may find yourself needing clothes alterations. Sydney residents sometimes find their body shape has changed and their clothes don’t fit as comfortably as they once did. A shop bought garment may be too long in places and may need shortening on the hem. Other times a shirt may need the collar tightening or the shoulders taken in. Occasionally ladies’ dresses may need the waist repositioned. There are also times when tailoring alterations may be needed to repair a garment. Our experienced tailors can reline clothes, add new buttons and even replace broken zips. Whatever the cause for the repair, we’re sure to have a solution.

With more than 30 years of tailoring experience, we’re here to assist with all of your clothes alterations Sydney needs, so drop in to find out how we can help, or give us a call for more information.

Top Quality Clothes Alterations Sydney CBD

Suit alterations Sydney is a speciality for M&R Tailoring and our on-site tailors are experts at altering the seams and hems of suits to create that polished look. If you long for a bespoke tailor made suit but can only afford off-the-peg, then our alteration service can alter the suit so that it fits perfectly, enabling you to look your best at all times. Whether it’s an ill fitting suit you found in the sales or a fantastic vintage blazer that’s slightly too long in the arms, we can provide alterations that give you value for your money.

Conveniently located in Sydney’s bustling CBD, we have professional tailors on hand to carry out all alterations, so why not pop along to see us during your lunch hour and if possible, we’ll carry out your repair or alteration while you wait.

Our alteration service includes lengthening or shortening a jacket body or coat sleeves, making adjustments to trouser waists, seat and legs and making alterations to shirt sleeves and back darts. We also provide alterations to jeans and leather, invisible mending, and much more. With affordable prices, our clothes alterations Sydney service is a great way of ensuring you always look good and save money at the same time.

Look at what our customers say…

Maher is a life saver, having returned from Thailand with a wedding suit that did not fit, he was able to save the day. He made my suit look fantastic just in time for my wedding.

Tod Grant / Alterations Customer, Sydney

I regularly order clothes online from shops and quite often the return shipping costs are too high and I often get my sizes wrong. Maher and his expert team are able to alter my garments to fit every time.

Jenny Spring / Alterations Customer, Sydney

The day before my best friend’s wedding the dress that I ordered online really didn’t fit. Not only did I love it but didn’t have time to return it. M&R Tailoring was fantastic and able to put it right just in time. Maher is a real expert in his field.

Marie Feldo / Alterations Customer, Sydney

Simply the best tailors in Sydney, I’ve had many men’s suits and overcoats made worldwide in a wide range of fabrics, from 8oz Zegna (which for most tailors is very hard to work with), through to heavy Scottish and Irish tweeds and Maher is one of the best tailors I have used to date. He has a deep working knowledge of many fabrics and styles and is able to make and alter my suits to fit me perfectly.

Geoff Green / Bespoke Tailoring Customer, Sydney

M&R Tailoring Sydney does expectational work for both me and my husband. I don’t have a figure that suits off the peg garments well. All of my stuff has to be altered and before meeting Maher I felt very self conscious about this. He has always done an excellent job and has been able to advise me on the best shapes and styles to fit my figure. My husband has also had excellent work done also.

Sydney Couple / Alterations Customer, Sydney

I spent a lot money having just returned from a business trip in Honk Kong, having had suits made using very expensive European fabrics. The tailors insisted on posting the garments to my Sydney address and having received them was absolutely shocked that the suits were 4 to 5 sizes too big. Completely unsure how this happened, but having now spoken to some friends apparently this is quite common. M&R Tailoring Sydney managed to salvage all of the suits and actually made them look and feel like they had been properly tailored. Thank God I found him…that is the last time I will have suits made in the far east.

Sam Malone / Bespoke Suit Customer, Sydney