Tailored Suits – Enjoy The Finer Things In Life

If you’re tired of compromising with shop bought suits that are always too broad in the shoulders or too short in the arms then you need tailored suits. Our bespoke tailoring service is for the discerning gentleman or lady seeking a one-off distinctive garment that’s been created exclusively for them. Your new suit can take any form, shape, or material and is generally handmade by two or three of our master tailors.

At M&R Tailoring it’s all about a personal approach. You won’t find any off-the-peg suits here or ready made patterns. Our master tailors hand cut and hand stitch every suit to your exact design and specifications, with multiple fittings, to ensure a suit with an impeccable fit.

Tailored Suits Sydney – How The Process Works

The process starts with an initial consultation to discuss your needs for the type of suit you’re seeking and any ideas you may have on the style and type of cloth. We hold a large collection of fabrics, both for day to day use or for an occasion which requires the ultimate luxury. Some of the fabric brands we work with are W.Bill, Zegna, Dormeuil and Scabal. With our expert advice and guidance we can help you choose from a wide selection of lightweight fabrics for hot balmy days, through to thicker fabrics for the winter months, as well as an assortment of tweeds for tailored suits and overcoats

A seemingly endless number of measurements will then be taken by your tailor who’ll also write detailed notes which take into account aspects of body shape or posture that only a trained eye would notice. Armed with all of this information a set of individual patterns will be drawn up so that the cloth can be cut for your new suit.

Before starting work on your suit we’ll also discuss the finer details that make our tailored suits so distinctive, such as full floating chest pieces, working cuffs and full or half canvases. Over a course of a few fittings, we’ll refine your new suit until we’re happy that we’ve achieved a perfect fit.

Look at what our customers say…

Maher is a life saver, having returned from Thailand with a wedding suit that did not fit, he was able to save the day. He made my suit look fantastic just in time for my wedding.

Tod Grant / Alterations Customer, Sydney

I regularly order clothes online from shops and quite often the return shipping costs are too high and I often get my sizes wrong. Maher and his expert team are able to alter my garments to fit every time.

Jenny Spring / Alterations Customer, Sydney

The day before my best friend’s wedding the dress that I ordered online really didn’t fit. Not only did I love it but didn’t have time to return it. M&R Tailoring was fantastic and able to put it right just in time. Maher is a real expert in his field.

Marie Feldo / Alterations Customer, Sydney

Simply the best tailors in Sydney, I’ve had many men’s suits and overcoats made worldwide in a wide range of fabrics, from 8oz Zegna (which for most tailors is very hard to work with), through to heavy Scottish and Irish tweeds and Maher is one of the best tailors I have used to date. He has a deep working knowledge of many fabrics and styles and is able to make and alter my suits to fit me perfectly.

Geoff Green / Bespoke Tailoring Customer, Sydney

M&R Tailoring Sydney does expectational work for both me and my husband. I don’t have a figure that suits off the peg garments well. All of my stuff has to be altered and before meeting Maher I felt very self conscious about this. He has always done an excellent job and has been able to advise me on the best shapes and styles to fit my figure. My husband has also had excellent work done also.

Sydney Couple / Alterations Customer, Sydney

I spent a lot money having just returned from a business trip in Honk Kong, having had suits made using very expensive European fabrics. The tailors insisted on posting the garments to my Sydney address and having received them was absolutely shocked that the suits were 4 to 5 sizes too big. Completely unsure how this happened, but having now spoken to some friends apparently this is quite common. M&R Tailoring Sydney managed to salvage all of the suits and actually made them look and feel like they had been properly tailored. Thank God I found him…that is the last time I will have suits made in the far east.

Sam Malone / Bespoke Suit Customer, Sydney