A Message from Maher Hadid, Owner & Master Tailor

Hi, I am Maher Hadid, owner and master tailor at M&R Tailoring – Bespoke Tailors Sydney. In 1955, my father established a bespoke tailoring business and had great success from the start. Once my father got married and had myself and two more boys we soon started to work with him and get to know the business.

We began practicing from as early as five years old, after school and during school holidays, as each year went by we gained more knowledge of the trade and followed in my father’s footsteps, who was a master tailor of note.

When I was fourteen years old I started to make trousers myself and branched out to gain more of my own business. At the age of twenty-eight I moved to Australia, I worked with a tailoring company called Henry Buck’s for five years and was in charge of their Sydney tailoring department. Now, at the age of forty, with nearly a lifetime’s experience in tailoring I have my own business, which has traded since 2004.

I aim to give excellent service and the best results using my vast experience and skills. I specialise in alterations for men and women, as well as offering a full bespoke tailoring service for suiting and shirts and work with some of the top fabrics in the world. I can offer Italian style suits or the more classic yet contemporary British styles and often work with handmade tweeds and exclusive Italian fabrics. I take pride in what I do and always aim to deliver the best solutions for any and all customer requirements.